Our Menu

Warm & Cold Starters

Loaf bread2,00 €

With Arróniz olive oil Oli Oli

Ensaladilla Rusa7,20 €

Mayo and potato salad with tuna

Beef Carpaccio18,90 €

Galician beef with parmesan flakes and pesto rosso

Sirloin Steak Tartare +365 days24,60 €

With mustard ice cream and seasonal truffle from Teruel

Beluá Bravas6,90 €

Creamy ham croquettes2,50 €/ud.

Stuffed with Bellota ham

Creamy octopus croquettes2,50 €/ud.

Stuffed with octopus

Free Range Fried Eggs "huevos rotos"10,50 €

With fries, cellar ham and seasonal foie gras

Beef jerky, ham and cheese platter21,90 €

Beef jerky from León, accompanied by Bellota ham and three types of delicious matured cheese

Stir-fried shiitake boletus14,20 €

Shiitake, portobello boletus and black truffle butter

Artichokes in two batchesNew14,90 €

With cardamom and vanilla, free-range egg yolk emulsion and beef jerky.

Fresh confit asparagusNew13,90 €

Confit in beef butter and braised with 180 days dry-aged Iberian pork jowl. With sturgeon caviar, wasabi pearls and seasoned with pistachio brioche.


Kamado Grilled Starters

Galician octopus18,90 €

Braised Kamado with potato parmentier

beach cuttlefish10,50 €

With a base of sautéed baby beans and smoked black garlic alioli

Chorizo criollo house special2,50 €/ud.

Galician veal gizzard15,50 €

Grilled with chimichurri and shimeji mushrooms

Roasted vegetables with KamadoNew13,90 €

From the orchard


Ventresca9,90 €

Tuna with Valencian tomato, spring onion and picual oil

Burrata11,50 €

Creamy burrata cheese with pesto rosso, basil and nuts

Burgers & More

Our Gourmet burgers are made in house every day with one of the best VRG (Vaca Rubia Gallega) meats, GALICIAN BEEF and other VRG cuts. The combination of our matured cows (which provide a very characteristic flavour) with the creaminess of the beef, all cooked in the Kamado with holm oak embers, provide a unique experience in each bite.

Beluá14,00 €

Authentic Galician Blondy Cow 200g. Dry Aged +160 days, trilogy of cheeses, homemade gaucha sauce, crunchy bacon and lettuce from the orchard.

Rustic16,50 €

200g Dry Age VRG +45 days ribeye and Galician beef, Monterey Jack cheese, smoked bacon cream, lettuce from the orchard, free-range egg yolk sauce with touches of Asia.

Gourmet18,00 €

210g. of VRG and Beef +120 days of maturation, Housin sauce, dry pomodoro, beef cecina and Smoked Provolone cheese.

La OXNew18,00 €

200 gr. of VRG (+120 days of maturation) and Galician beef (+180 days of maturation), smoked cheddar and parmesan cheeses, spicy mayo sauce, "pico de gallo" creole style, pickled tomato and beef "chicharrón".

Beef T-bone Burger30,00 €

350 grams of authentic Galician beef ribeye matured Dry Age +500 days, Monterey Jack cheese, mustard from Antigua and double butter brioche bread.

Crispy chips0,50 €

Hamburguesa La OX
La OX Burger
Burger de Chuletón de Buey
Beef T-Bone Burger

Our Meat

All our pieces are personally selected and freshly cut. Our meats need to be tempered for a minimum of 20 minutes for optimal cooking.

VRG sirloin +300 DAYS85,50 €/kg

House selection

Low loin cut of VRG +90 DAYS (steak)75,90 €/kg

House selection

Veal Chop 1kg39,00 €/kg

Galician cow raised on pasture

Ribeye cut of VRG +30 DAYS55,60 €/KG

Ribeye cut of VRG +90 DAYS69,00 €/KG

Ribeye of VRG +180 DAYS86,50 €/kg

Piece of approx. 1500g at 2100g.

Galician Beef Steak +6 MONTHS MINIMUM116,00 €/kg

Piece of approx. 2000g at 3000g.


New York Cheese Cake6,50 €

Banoffee6,50 €

A fine cookie base, dulce de leche, banana and meringue

Pecado de chocolate7,00 €

Carrot Cake6,50 €

Red Velvet5,90 €

Kids menu

Beef burger with cheese10,00 €

With homemade French Fries or salad. Dessert included.

Breaded chicken escalope10,00 €

Breaded chicken with homemade French Fries or salad. Dessert included.



Premium white and red vermouth


amstel original beer

amstel oro beer

heineken beer

heineken 0,0 beer



Special beer 1870

El Alcázar BEER

Wine List

Valencian Wines


(Bobal) * author wine 5 months French oak barrels Cherry red colour. Many nuances on the nose. Warm entry, balanced acidity and long aftertaste.

MIRACLE Nº114,00 €

(Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon) Intense red color with violet hues. Aromas of ripe red fruit, plum and caramel notes emerge on the nose. In the mouth, its great structure stands out with soft tannins and a persistent ending.

BOBAL VG16,00 €

(100% Bobal) Intense red wine, with a violet rim and dense tears. Aroma of red fruits and English caramel with light nuances of smoke. In the mouth it is resounding, leaving oak sensations.


It is aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. Aged for 12 months in new and semi-new French oak barrels. It's gained the great recognition of 91 Parker points and 92 Guia Peñin points.

SANGUE DI GIUDAd.o. italia15,00 €

(Croatina 65%, Barbera 25% and Vespolina 10%) Wine with a strong aroma of red fruits and with great intensity of strawberry, raspberry and plum, made with the best Italian varieties.

Rioja Red Wines


(Tempranillo) Aged for 12 months in oak barrels. Intense cherry colour. Aroma of ripe fruit in jam with a background of red fruits, toast and vanilla. On the palate it is tasty and balanced, with a good final persistence of the fruit.


(Tempranillo) *Aging 12 months Red wine made with Tempranillo grapes macerated for two weeks using traditional processes. Subsequently, it is left to mature for twelve months in American oak barrels, during this time the wine reaches maturity and complexity.


*Author Wine (mature) High layer deep purple color. Aroma of stewed fruit with the presence of balsamic notes. Warm, with silky, velvety tannins. In the mouth it is tasty, broad and elegant with a persistent aftertaste.

VIÑA POMAL 106 Barricas18,00 €

(Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano) Reserve 20 months barrel Fresh, spicy and with notes of cherries, blueberries and strawberries on a spicy background. On the palate it is intense, balanced, with a pleasant structure and fine, elegant tannins.


(Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Garnacha) *24 months old Its color is ruby red and it is a structured, complex, powerful, silky, balsamic wine. With sweet and elegant tannins polished by its aging in American, French and Russian oak barrels.

Ribera del Duero Red Wines


(Tinta del País) *Oak 6 months Intense red color, we give it a slight touch of wood, with a passage through American barrels for 3 months, which makes it smoother on the palate and more complex in the aroma.


(Tinta del País) * 6 months French oak barrels. With frank and intense aromas, where aromas of red and black fruit stand out, accompanied by spicy and lightly toasted notes.


(Tinta fina) *Aging 12-14 months in barrel. Cherry red color with violet reflections. Thick layer. On the nose it gives us hints of black fruits such as blackberries and blueberries. On the palate it is elegant on the palate but with great acidity. An intense sensation and creamy tannins.


(100% Tinto fino) *signature wine. Very high intensity cherry red color with violet tones. On the nose it presents intense aromas of red fruit, which predominate over the toasted nuances of its stay in the barrel. On the palate it is a fresh, tasty wine, with silky and round tannins.


(100% Tempranilo) *Aging 12 months. It is aged for 12 months in American oak barrels from US forests located in the Appalachian Mountains. With powerful aromas of very ripe black fruit in harmony with spicy tones and aromas of new and noble wood.

White Wines


(100% Verdejo) Pale yellow colour with subtle golden tones. Elegant aroma of citrus and tropical fruits. On the palate the flavours faithfully reflect the aromas, with balanced acidity and a fresh aftertaste.


(100% Albariño) Bright colour with greenish hues. Fresh wine, very fruity, with great structure and volume. It leaves a long aftertaste.


(100% Bobal) Clean and bright wine. Aroma of wild strawberry, white flowers and ripe white fruit. In the mouth it has an integrated acidity, refreshing with a long finish reminiscent of berries.


(100% Albariño) Straw yellow colour with greenish tones. It gives off an aroma of white flowers with tropical notes. In the mouth it is fresh, pleasant and with an elegant acidity.


(100% Albariño) Expressive Albariño in its typicity, with notes of fresh fruit, citrus and floral details. It harmonises its aromatic generosity with amplitude and balance on the palate, with an interesting, tasty and elegant aftertaste.

Sparkling Wines


(Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet) Sparkling wine. Pale pink colour, very bright. Flavourful, aromatic and slightly fruity. Sparkling, light and exquisite on the palate.


(Macabeo) Straw yellow colour, with fine, persistent bubbles. The aroma is clean and fruity, with a marked citrus character and a background of floral notes. Magnificent presence in the mouth, dry and fruity at the same time, with a long aftertaste and very well integrated carbonic.

ARS COLLECTA Blanc de Blancs22,00 €

(Chardonnay, Xarel.lo and Parel.lada) A warm yellow colour with golden reflections, clean and bright. Very complex, with elegant notes and an aromatic amplitude that improves with time in the glass. In the mouth it is complex, balanced and creamy.

C/ Miquel Adlert i Noguerol 3

46920, Mislata, Valencia

C/ Miquel Adlert i Noguerol 3

46920, Mislata, Valencia

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